REBIRTH – iLA is experiencing it now!















Come and listen to what the iLA team has been working on for the last several months behind the scenes! –> iLA is experiencing a complete REBIRTH

Up until now, this information was protected to ensure the safety of the company. However they are getting close now to unleashing the new program and it’s time to let you in on the good news!

Just watch this video and if you like the rebirth outcome, join below to become part of this next generation!


Here is how you can get started with iLiving App, 3 options;

1. Free enrollment

Delivery of the weekly video content. With the free enrollment, you have no access to the video archive, replicated site or to earn money with iLiving App.

2. Retail Customer – $6.95 per month

Delivery of the weekly video content and access to the video archive. As a retail customer, you do not get a replicated site and you can’t earn money with the iLiving App.

3. Associate – $9.95 per month

You have full access to the weekly videos as well as to the archives. You get your personal website and you take part in the matrix program where you  earn the commissions.


At the moment, with iLA going to the next levelit is again the best time to get started as an associate.

I added iLiving App  to my portfolio early in 2013 and I can assure you, I’m glad that I’m on board. Looking forward to your comments,feedback and/or questions.

To your success,  Emile

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